Age : 25
Training Experience : 6 Years

With over 6 years training, 1st Dan Eric Keenan, who graded for Black Belt in 2016, is currently an Assistant Instructor in Elite Karate Academy. Currently on the instructor teaching program for Elite Karate Academy to become a professional instructor. Eric is studying Health & Recreational Management in Inchicore College, having already successfully qualified in Sports Coaching, with qualifications in GAA, Football, Physical Fitness, Aerobics and First Aid. Eric currently assists with beginner’s to green belt classes.

Training Experience
Health & Recreational Management
First Aid
Physical Fitness
Training Skills
  • Black Belt 100 %
  • Physical Fitness 100 %
  • Aerobics 100 %
  • First Aid 100 %

Meet Our Growing Team

Sensei Gareth FitzGerald 6th Dan, started his Karate training over 30 years ago in 1985, under one of Ireland’s leading Wado Ryu instructors Sensei Gordon McKenna (8th Dan). He started teaching when he was just 15 years of age before taking a full time teaching position within Sensei McKenna’s organisation and becoming the organisation’s secretary.