You have an unbelievable strength inside.  You can handle anything life throws at you.  The difficulty is finding the strength inside you.

Proper correct training pushes you in all sorts of ways.  Forcing you beyond pain and ego and pride.  Teaching you your limits both mentally and physically and then teaching you to push beyond your limits.  Building strength, confidence, self esteem, determination, self discipline and self control.

These are the qualities that allowing you to deal with problems in your life off the mats.  That give you a strength of character to deal with any hardship

Stand up for what is right.  We know inside what is right and wrong.  And it is easier to stand up to your enemies then it is to your friends.  But a black belt must have the integrity and courage to stand up for what is right, no matter what the cost to themselves.   And in doing so may be an example for those around you.

Stand up to bullying.  This does not mean, you must confront the bully directly.  But ask for help or if you see a friend being bullied go get help..  Or use the skills you learn in our anti bullying program.

Standing up to friends is hard.  But is your friends ask you to do things you know are wrong.  You must say no.  Throwing stones, bulling, stealing, swimming in lakes or canals etc are all examples of things you should say no to.

Karate is for self defense and should only be used to protect you or others, never for attack.  But attacks may not just be physical they may be mental or verbal.  The words we use can cause more long term damage then kicks or punches.  A broken bone can take 6 weeks or more to mend, however cruel words or bullying can last years.