The following list of Students are eligible to grade for their next grade.  Gradings will take place on their first class next week between 2nd and 4th of July and they’ll receive their results in their second class that week, between 4th and 6th July.

Students are eligible to grade if the fees of €20 is paid before the grading and they hold a current grading passport, which must be presented when paying fees.  Renewal of grading passports cost €10, if it is expired and you have a passport.

If a grading passport is needed it cost €10 and must be accompanied by 2 passport size photos.

No student going for Orange belt or higher who graded at the Expo is eligible to grade until the end of next month at the earliest.

For Yellow Tip

Chloe Lynch -passport needs to be bought

Zoe Sneyd  -passport needs to be bought

Bobby Sveyd  -passport needs to be bought

Gabriel Bernardez  -passport needs to be bought

Calibe Devereux  -passport needs to be bought

Sean Byrne  -passport needs to be bought


For Yellow Belt

Markas Koskus

Marco Li

Niamh Kelly

Eva Kelly

James Barry

Aoife Richards

Jack O’Brien

ALex O’Neill