Dear Parents

Just a quick note about classes times and gradings over the Halloween break.

Class times

Due to bank holiday (29th), Halloween (31st), and holiday (2nd) there will be no classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday the week of Halloween.  Classes will be as normal Tuesday & Thursday this week.  Students whose classes are affected, who wish to make up their classes can train in the following classes.  Those who can’t will be credited the classes that don’t go ahead.

Monday & Wednesday 5-6pm Beginner – Orange class, can train Tuesday & Thursday 4-5pm

Monday & Wednesday 8-9.15pm Beginner – Intermediate Adults, class can train Tuesday & Thursday 8-9.30pm.  This class will also have the option of training 7-9.30pm both Tuesday & Thursday

Wednesday & Friday 6-7pm Green Belt+ class, can train Tuesday & Thursday 6-7pm

Wednesday & Friday 7-8pm Beginner – Orange class, can train Tuesday & Thursday 4-5pm


There will be a grading for Yellow tips – Yellow- orange belts the 1st week of November.  Below is a list of those eligible to grade.  If you child has been omitted, please talk to Sensei at next class.  Gradings will take place in student’s 1st class on Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th of November.  Results and certificates will be awarded in the student’s 2nd class of the week either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Calibe Devereux for Yellow Tip

Ferdia O’Reilly for yellow tip

Alannah Barry for yellow tip

Eric De Luca for yellow tip

Kade Sweeney for yellow tip

James Barry for Yellow Belt

Chloe Lynch for yellow belt

Gabriel Bernardez for yellow belt

Alex O’Neill for yellow belt

Shane Hyland for yellow belt

Niamh Richards for Yellow Belt

Eugenia Mikhaelis for Yellow Belt

Roisin Murphy for yellow belt

Colm Roche for Yellow Belt

Joan Dempesy for yellow belt

Dean Keegan for yellow belt

Bobby & Zoe Sneyd for yellow belt

Sean Byrne for yellow belt

Kai Keegan for yellow belt

Louise Foley for yellow belt

Derek Mulligan for yellow belt

Yanina Gallo orange belt

Callum Mooney for orange belt

Mark Mikhaelis for orange belt

Gradings are optional and cost €20 for under 18s and €30 for over 18.  Grading passport must be up to date, renewal cost €10.  Check the back page of the passport for the renewal date.  If you need to get a grading passport it costs €10 per year and must be accompanied by 2 passport photos.  All grading fees and passport fees must be paid by Friday 26th of October.

Those not eligible to grade or going for grades higher then green belt will be grading at Xmas or at the Expo depending how soon they reach the required standard.

For Orange Belt at Xmas

Conor Rooney, Aoife Richards, Cillian Richards, Rian O’Dowd, Chloe O’Dowd, Eva Kelly, Niamh Kelly, Marco Li, Markus Koskus, Jack O’Brien

For Green Belt at Xmas

Calum Mc Farlane, Zoe Martin, Darya & Darragh Grikss, Millie Cummins

For Blue Belt at Xmas

Grace Timpson, Alex Reilly

For Purple Belt at Xmas

Lara Keogh, Sean O Hare, Carly Power

For Brown Belt at Xmas

Lucy Fairweather, Daniils Rudzinskos, Matthew Kavanagh, Clodagh Grenham

I will be giving a hard copy of this out next week and if you he any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


10 reasons why every child should do Karate-Do?

With the range of martial arts classes available in Dublin, there are kid’s classes for every personality type and interest.  Karate is one of the most popular and well known martial arts and offers more benefits to children then simply teaching them how to kick and punch.   More and more parents are realising that kid’s karate classes offer the chance for additional education outside of school hours, as well as a great form of fitness training to tire their children out.  And what parent doesn’t love a tired and better behaved child…

Elite Karate Academy offer children’s karate classes in Clondalkin, south west Dublin that offer a range of benefits to both parents and children…

  1. Character development- Most people recognise that martial arts improve the character. The determination, persistence, and commitment needed to achieve a black belt highlights a student’s true character.  That’s why average students don’t achieve a black belt.  Elite Karate Academy believe that your student can gain from karate training no matter how long they train.  Our Word of the Week Program teaches 14 words such as Courtesy, Respect, Courage, Humility, Leadership that insured our students grow as people not just martial art


  1. Self-Belief- Becoming fitter, stronger and having the ability to defend yourself is a sure fire way to build self-belief and self-confidence. Our Dojo Kun (Dojo Rules) Program incorporates 25 rules to how to live your life and the passion and commitment needed to make your child succeed in life and work hard to make their dreams come through.


  1. Self-Esteem- With the setting of short term goals like gradings or learning a new technique or kata your child’s self-esteem rapidily improves.


  1. Confidence- Becoming a part of something bigger, joining a club, making new friends with similar goals, admiring the higher grades and rising through the ranks, being tested and meeting new challenges all help improve your child’s confidence.


  1. Friendship- Classes are social and interactive and helps build friendships and social skills, helping your child learn team work, sharing and positive social interaction.


  1. Way of Life- Karate can be more than a simple hobby offering a way of life that can be studied for a lifetime. It teaches character values and a code of behaviour which learnt as a child can stay forever.


  1. Fitness- With children playing more computer games and becoming less active, and the growth of childhood obesity, karate is a perfect solution. Fast paced children’s karate classes improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility.


  1. Conflict resolution- Karate for self-defence only. Our Anti Bullying Program teaches your child to handle stressful situations and bullying without aggression.  How to diffuse situations and walk away from trouble.


  1. Health & Nutrition- Our Program teaches students the importance of exercise and healthy eating whilst recognising the importance of a healthy body image.


  1. Fun- Kid’s Karate classes are great fun where your children can truly enjoy themselves and be dying to come back for their next class.


So if you want your child to grow bigger and stronger, develop into a mature responsible adult with a passion to succeed in every aspect of their life, phone Sensei Gareth at Elite Karate Academy on 086 822 4902.  We have beginner’s classes running throughout the week in our full time dojo, visit our website at to find a time that suits you.  We our passionate about our students and aim to be leading lights in their lives and the community around us.