Elite Karate Academy in Clondalkin unique character education program, consits of 3-5 minute mat chats in class, covering different values every week. Here is this week’s 2 lessons.

Word of the week: Week 11

Lesson 1
We teach our students that loyalty means being true to others, like a good friend. Being the type of person who stands by their friends through thick and thin. We dont fall out over petty arguments, we can fight or disagree but the friendship always stays intact..

Lesson 2
It is important to be loyal to our friends and family, but it is also important to be true to our beliefs. Your beliefs make you the person you are, being nice, treating people right etc. We should be loyal to our beliefs not just when its convenient. Some people change their beliefs so people will like them. But people respect loyalty. So decide on your beliefs and stick to them

This year 6th annual Elite Karate Expo will take place on the afternoon of Sunday April 9th 2017 between 2pm and 6pm, The Green Isle Hotel, Clondalkin. Doors open at 1.30pm and there will be a full bar service available. All students will be taking part, those not grading will be involved in demonstrations. All students must wear their karate uniform. The aim of the Expo, as always, is to allowing students demonstrate their skills and abilities to their family and friends, whilst educating parents about the aims and ethos of Elite Karate Academy, in a relaxed fun environment. This event is open to anyone, so extended family and friends are welcome, this year’s Expo will include;

• Grading (Usual fee of €20 applies for those eligible to grade, payable by 31st of March)
• Club Sparring Competition (semi-finals and finals only, entries now closed)
• Demonstrations (Instructor & Students)
• Award Ceremony (Grading, Competition, and Special Awards, including Student of the Year)
• Unveiling of Elite Karate Academy’s 1st generation of Senior Black Belts
• Bake & Cake Sale
• Raffle (asking parents to donate a price if they can)

Those eligible to grade must pay their grading fee before 31st of March to insure they receive their certificate at the Expo. Please check with Sensei Gareth if your child is eligible to grade. Students may only grade at the expo. Students may only grade if they are eligible and hold a current up to date grading licence, which must be presented with the usual fee of €20 before 31st of March.

Tickets are now on sale. Buy them before 7th April to avail of the cheaper rate. Grandparents, family or friend’s tickets can all be bought before the day. Presold tickets simply check in on the day.
Tickets cost: Before 7th April On Door
Adult Ticket €8 €12
Child Ticket* €5 €8
*Current students only or under 5’s do not need to purchase tickets.
Family Ticket (2 adults & 2 children) €20 €30

Bake sale and raffle
Once again, we will have a bake sale in aid of Barretstown and a raffle. Parents/students are encouraged to bake or bring something for the day. We need your help in getting prizes for our raffle!!! Give a prize or a voucher from your work. Please donate your price before 7th of April, if possible.

Our Academy will be walking in this year’s parade and we are inviting all students, parents and their families and friends to come walk with us. Students must wear their Karate suits over their normal close. The parade starts at 2:30pm so we require anyone walking with us to meet in the car park of Clondalkin Sports and Leisure Centre at 1:45pm for a safety briefing etc and to explain demonstrations. Please support your club, so hope to see u there.

Elite mental programme – Lesson 6
Kohai / Sempai / Sensei

Kohai means junior, whilst Sempai means senior. This relationship is very important in martial arts, making students like family, with everyone having older or younger brothers and sisters. Sempai help Kohai by modelling the correct behaviour, training with them, showing them the correct way to train, under the watchful eye of Sensei. While Kohai watch the Sempai in training to see the sensei’s teaching in practice.

Sensei is often mis translated as teacher or instructor. But it actually means “one who came before”. The one who is further down the way. A good Sensei is a teacher or instructor but a great Sensei is more then that, being a motivator, mentor, parent, psychologists, priest, personal trainer, dietician.

The difference between a student and a Sensei is not personality or skill set it’s flight time, they have thousands more hours on the mats then you. A Sensei has travelled the path your on, he knows the pitfalls and perils, they’ve learnt the lessons your learning, they’ve trained harder then you and climbed the mountain you think you can’t climb. The open secret to success in the martial arts, practice, practice, practice, no mystery to mastery, just flight time