1st September 2017

Lesson 1

It means being genuine, say what you mean and mean what you say.

We teach our students about being real not fake. Have they ever had someone act like their friend when they really weren’t.it makes you feel bad, because you are being lied too.

So sincerity is meaning what you say. That means you tell the truth and if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all

Lesson 2

We need to act and talk with sincerity, in order for people to trust us. People who aren’t trustworthy find it harder to keep friends, because people do not like being lied to. We use the example of the boy who cried Wolf in this lesson. Be sincere in your actions and words

1st September 2017

Lesson 1

Courage means valour, to be brave. Courage is not the absence of fear, but going on in spite of it. We teach our students that having courage doesn’t mean we’re not afraid of anything. Everybody is afraid of something. But there are times in life where you are scared but have to do something anyway. We give the example of firemen and women, of course they are afraid but they still go into burning buildings, to save people. Which is very important job.

Lesson two

Sometimes we have to do things in life that are important even though we are scared. But often after we do them we find they weren’t that scary or we overcame our fears.. Tests, speaking in public flying are all examples.

There is a difference between being brave and being foolish. Accepting dares, that will get you hurt or in trouble, is not brave but stupid. Standing up to your friends takes more courage then standing up to your enemies.

Fear can make us stronger, faster, smarter. If we learn to channel it.

1st September 2017

Lesson 1: 3-5 minute ‘mat chat’.

We explain that growth means to flourish, to always keep learning and improving, in life not just in the dojo. We explain there are 3 ways to grow: In Body; In Mind; and In Heart.

Lesson 1 is on the body. We need three things for our bodies to grow big and strong.
1 Good healthy food.  Why and what is healthy food?
2 Exercise:  Why and how many hours per week?
3 Sleep:  How much per night?  Why is sleep important?

We then talk about the things that harm our bodies, junk food, smoking, drinking, illegal drugs.

Please remember to ask your child what they learnt after the class.

Lesson 2

We can grow in life in body, mind and heart. To grow in mind we teach our students to study hard in school and the dojo. Reading is a great source of learning and expanding their minds. Knowledge is power is a saying we use in the club. The more knowledgeable you have the more control you will have over your life, and the power to be anything you want to be in life.

To grow in the heart requires being a better person. Being nice and treating others the way you’d like to be treated. This refers back to out first word of the week. COURTESY.

1st September 2017

Lesson 1
Karate begins and ends with courtesy. This is an old karate saying.

Courtesy means formal politeness, or treating others the way you want to be treated. This is the golden rule.  We express that courtesy evetytime we bow, or use our 7 courtesy words like please and thank you.  Give example of using courtesy and also a situation where someone does not use courtesy.

Lesson 2
Review previous class.Karate begins and ends with Courtesy. We show courtesy by bowing. Courtesy is treating others the way you would like to be treated. We teach 7 courtesy words and encourage our students to use them at home.
7 courtesy words are

Thank You.

You.re Welcome.

Yes Mum.

No Mum.

Yes Dad.

No Dad.

Excuse Me and Sorry all also mentioned as other courtesy words.

We encourage students to use these words at home.  Parents should encourage this too.

Week 9

Self-Control – Handling your actions properly, choosing the right actions at all times.

Lesson 1: 

We teach your children that self-control is choosing to do the right thing to do and doing it, even when you don’t want to.  We ask have they ever been so mad that they wanted to break something?  Or so angry that they wanted to scream?  What type of world would it be if everyone acted out on their anger?  World would be a pretty scare place if people were screaming, yelling and fighting whenever they wanted.  Controlling how we act is very important and shows a child is growing up, as babies show no self-control.  We teach your children how to deep breath for a count of 10, so they are able to think clearly and not be upset.

Lesson 2: 

We review lesson 1; we know having self-control makes the world a better place , but let’s talk about what it does for you.  We ask do they know anyone who had poor self-control?  Someone who maybe yelled a lot, always talking during quiet time, or getting angry and hitting people?  Who wants to be around someone like that?  Self-control helps us get along with other people.  If you want to be admired or respected, learn to be a person with self-control.  When someone yells at you, stay calm.  Show people you are mature and can handle responsibility. You are a leader.

We also teach self-control with regards to their Karate.  Controlling your techniques in very important so we don’t hurt or damage our training partners.

Elite Karate Academy in Clondalkin unique character education program, consits of 3-5 minute mat chats in class, covering different values every week. Here is this week’s 2 lessons.

Word of the week: Week 11

Lesson 1
We teach our students that loyalty means being true to others, like a good friend. Being the type of person who stands by their friends through thick and thin. We dont fall out over petty arguments, we can fight or disagree but the friendship always stays intact..

Lesson 2
It is important to be loyal to our friends and family, but it is also important to be true to our beliefs. Your beliefs make you the person you are, being nice, treating people right etc. We should be loyal to our beliefs not just when its convenient. Some people change their beliefs so people will like them. But people respect loyalty. So decide on your beliefs and stick to them