1st September 2017

Lesson 1
Karate begins and ends with courtesy. This is an old karate saying.

Courtesy means formal politeness, or treating others the way you want to be treated. This is the golden rule.  We express that courtesy evetytime we bow, or use our 7 courtesy words like please and thank you.  Give example of using courtesy and also a situation where someone does not use courtesy.

Lesson 2
Review previous class.Karate begins and ends with Courtesy. We show courtesy by bowing. Courtesy is treating others the way you would like to be treated. We teach 7 courtesy words and encourage our students to use them at home.
7 courtesy words are

Thank You. Welcome.

Yes Mum.

No Mum.

Yes Dad.

No Dad.

Excuse Me and Sorry all also mentioned as other courtesy words.

We encourage students to use these words at home.  Parents should encourage this too.

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