Dojo Kun Program

20th June 2017

This week we start our Dojo Kun(rules) Program.
3-5 mins mat chat in each class dealing with one of our 25 Dojo Rules. Most club’s rules involve no eating, no spitting, no shouting etc.

Elite Karate Academy’s Program teaches our students that through hard work and self belief they can make any dream come true. It also covers mental health aspects of basic Zen training and teaches our students to be caring, compassionate and strong willed individuals.

Lesson one teaches the first rule of all karate: KARATE NI SENTE NASHI, there is no 1st attack in Karate, either mentally, physically or spiritually. Karate is for self defence only, to be used to protect yourself or others but in daily life as an aid to improve ourselves and the world around us.

Students of karate grow to become better balanced and higher functioning versions of themselves. The goal to become the most authentic versions of themselves, free from delusions like fear, ego, doubt, greed etc. By becoming better, we do better, and we can influence the world around us by modelling better social interactions and inspiring others.

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