27th February 2020

Lesson 1

Dictionary says it means “soundness of character”. Character is the typs of person you are, good or bad, trustworthy or not, loyal or not.

Integrity is our last word of the week because it has to do with how well your using everything you learned about all the words of the week. If you have integrity you are someone who is courteous, respectful, honest, and humble etc.

We teach our students that “Actions speak louder thsn words”. You cant always tell what type of person someone is by what they say, but you can bt watching what they do. Someone without integrity will say one thing but do another/

Lesson 2

Having integrity means people will respect you and look up to you. But only you can make yourself a person of integrity. Its not what you do when everyone is watching, but what you do when no one is watching.

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