Lesson 4: Do No Harm

1st September 2017

Another one I learnt from my own Sensei and incorperated into our Dojo rules. In a world of selfishness, following this life lesson changes your outlook on a day to day basis. It moves us away from selfishness towards compassion and empathy.

If you can finish the day, knowing you did no harm, no deliberate harm it was a good day. No harm physically, mentally or verbally.  Words can hurt more then fists and may hold a profound effect much longer lasting then physical damage or bruises.  Students are taught to control their temper so as not to say something in anger they may regret later.

How can your existance today improve someones life today? Can you find the time and will to make a differnce in the world around you? Can you be of use to a loved one, a friend, a stranger today, tomorrow, everyday?

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