Elite Karate Academy Newsletter

December 2021

Happy Christmas Everyone!!! 

We are coming to the end of another crazy year, and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you all for your support throughout these difficult times.

Christmas Holidays

Elite Karate Academy will close for Christmas on Wednesday 22nd of December 2021 at 10pm and will reopen for classes on Monday 3rd of January 2022.  Any class credit will be carried over into the new year.

Christmas Grading

For those students eligible to grade, the gradings will take place in normal classes on Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of December, with their results being given in the following weeks classes.  Which in most students case will be their last class before Christmas.  More details will be sent next week.

Black-Belt Grading

We are lucky this year to have two students grading for black belt.  Sean (14) will grade on Friday 3rd of December and Orla (16) will grade on Friday 17th of December.  These are public gradings and students are welcome to come watch.  Doors open at 8pm and close at 8.20pm with the grading starting promptly at 8.30pm and should finish at 9.30pm.

Karate Suits & Equipment

Due to Brexit, Covid and supply chain problems, Karate uniforms are in extremely short supply but my wholesaler has informed me they are getting a supply toward the end of November.  The moment the uniforms hit the website I will be putting in a large order including more gloves and boots.  And I will inform you when the suits arrive in stock. 

In the New Year while sparring (points fighting) will always be voluntary.  Gloves and boots will be mandatory to protect students.  Suits and equipment can be bought in the dojo or as click and collect through our website shop.

Elite Karate Academy App ‘To Black Belt & Beyond’

That so many of you are using the app on a regular basis is a great source of pride and I can see the improvements in technique of those students who are using the app.  Now is the ideal time to use it coming up to the gradings. 

Beginners go to the new member’s section of the app and study the videos there.  Alternatively go to the Wado Ryu Syllabus section and check out the relevant grade. 

Teen/Adult students check out the yellow belt grade of the practical karate syllabus section. 

Any student/parent wishing to access the app, please email me and I will forward the relevant details or passwords.  There will be no app updates over the Christmas break.  I need a break too lol.

The Life Lesson Book Series

I have written 3 books available here on Amazon in either paperback or download. 

The first “Martial Arts & Mental Health” is ideal for older students or those interested in or improving their mental health or for parents to better understand the mental benefits of the martial arts. 

The second book “Lessons from the Mats” covers life lessons and character education learnt from the martial arts.  This covers our current programme of ‘Word of the Week’ and previous programme “Dojo Kun” and is ideal for parents or younger students. 

The third book in the series “Love You Love Life” looks at different areas of your life and simple changes you can make to improve them.

•Reclaim your authentic self and become a shining light to others
•Motivate and inspire health goals and the mindset that guarantees success
•Change your beliefs about wealth and how to create it
•Develop positive lifestyle habits, including mindfulness and meditation
•Change perceptions and explain basic life laws
•Live with gratitude and flow with the universe


In line with my continuing goal to always improve Elite Karate Academy, this year was becoming a World Combat Association Combat Coach, the 1st in Ireland, and developing our App and new practical syllabus.  In 2022, Covid permitting, I will be rolling out a schedule of seminars covering a range of topics, such as:

  • Woman’s Personal Security & Awareness
  • Personal Protection & Security
  • Self-Defence for Martial Artists
  • Protecting Others and Multiple Attackers

And two new courses for children who are non-members.

  • Anti-Bullying and Self-Esteem Course
  • Children’s Self-Defence & Personal Security

These courses will be run in the dojo but can be run for schools, groups, or other interested parties.  I will roll out the schedule in January.

Thank you again for your continued support.  If you have any queries or questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sensei Gareth

Definition “That which is known” “applied knowledge is power”

Lesson 1

We explain that knowledge is everything we know and learn. We ask how do we get knowlede? We learn in school, from other people, from TV and movies. We gain knowledge by studying martial arts. We teach our students that “Knowledge is Power”. Knowledge allows us to do great things. By gaining knowledge in school and getting good grades, which can lead to going to a good college and then getting a good job. The more knowledge we have the more choice we have on the sort of life we want to live.

Lesson 2

We teach our students that reading is one of the best ways of getting knowledge. Reading is like riding a bike, it can be hard at first but gets easier the more you do it. It doesn;t matter what you read once you read. And when you learn to read you have a gift for life. We teach that in some parts of the world people don’t get the chance to learn to read. Imagine if you could not read a street sign or sign your own name? We encourage students to learn to read and try their best.

Sign up for our Children or Adult Beginner’s Class (new students only) for three months membership and get 10% off and a free karate suit. Sign up before the offer ends on 20th December 2019 and start your training in January 2020. 

We’re Back!!!

Cardio Combat Returns 7th October 2019

2 classes per week.  7-8pm Monday & 10am-11.15am Saturday

10 weeks course – Bonus free class – Only €120

A mix of karate, boxing, circuits and core workout to make you look and feel great.  Suitable for all fitness levels.  Workout at your own pace.  No fitness needed, no skills needed.  Join us and have fun.

Over 15s only