Elite Karate Academy teaches traditional Wado Ryu Karate-Do (The Way of Harmony). We know correct training leads to character development and self improvement and is more than simply fighting.  Learning the correct mental attitude and fighting spirit of the Samurai improves concentration levels, mind control and stress relief leading to a more positive attitude towards life.  If you train correctly.

This is why we have developed our unique special programmes, for example “Word of the Week” and “Dojo Kun” (see website for more details).  We teach virtues such as Courtesy, Growth, Courage, Sincerity, Honesty, Obedience, Humility, Perseverance, Honour, Loyalty, Self-Control, Knowledge, Respect and Integrity not simple as words but ways to live your life.  In our Academy we build strong character not just strong technique.  Students who can face the challenges of the real world head on like warriors.

Training will sometimes be tough, uncomfortable and push you or your child outside their comfort zone.  Sometimes you/they won’t want to go.  You must.  Pain is a great teacher, but no ones wants to attend class.   Sometimes you will disagree with the training or the Instructors.  But our Academy’s goal is to create strong character that can succeed in life.  No matter what life throws at our students, bullying, loss, fear, uncertainty or stress.  We teach our students to succeed in life and not to be victims.  Perseverance, Discipline, a never give up attitude is vital in martial arts as in life.  Not to be victims of bullying (school or workplace), not victims of loss, insecurity or fear to chase their dreams.  We don’t want students (or their parents if applicable) who quit at the first sign things get uncomfortable.  Don’t teach your child to be a quitter.

Remember you are signing up to learn a fighting art.  Students will be kicked at, punched at, thrown, muscles can hurt, accidents can happen in training or in sparring but fighting in real life hurts more then tough training and been pushed outside your comfort zone.  Outside your comfort zone is where you grow, change and become the best version of ourselves.  We produce leaders not snowflakes.  Students who overcome difficulties or obstacles.  Students who learn through karate to face their problems straight on, that they can succeed through their own efforts.

Do you want yourself or your child to like themselves?

Do you want you or your child to have the ability to be winners and make their dreams come true?

Do you want you or your child to become the best version of themselves they can be, to be truly happy and content and to make the world around them a better place?

Elite Karate Academy Chief Instructor Sensei Gareth FitzGerald has changed thousands of lives with the power of karate many who have never fought a real fight but succeed to win the battles in their lives because of the lessons taught in class.

Elite Karate Academy foremost concern is the safety of their students.  While we teach a non contact form of karate sparring, and sparring itself is never compulsory, as with all sports accidents can happen.  Students wishing to spar will not be allowed to until deemed to have the required defensive skills and technical control.  Protective gloves and boots are mandatory. qqq


Welcome to our January Newsletter.

This email newsletter will hopefully keep you up to date with all you need to know about what’s going on in Elite Karate Academy over the coming months of 2019.  Please feel free to share this newsletter with family and friends, I hope you find it informative.  Feel free to comment on our Facebook page with comments and be sure to like our page while you’re there.

News – Updates – Events At A Glance

v  Congratulations to all those students who graded before Xmas.  Click the following link to view the child’s syllabus or adult’s syllabus, to view what you need for your next grade.

v  Elite Karate Academy Expo on April 14th, 2-6pm, Clayton Hotel, Liffey Valley.  All students including beginners will be taking part on the day, with either/both gradings and demonstrations.  See below for more details.

v  Sparring Competition in March

v  St Patricks Day Parade.  Come walk with us.  Find out more below.

v  Raffle & Cake Bake Sale.  Can you donate something?

v  Elite Karate Academy Summer Camp

Sparring Competition

The early rounds of this non-contact 3 points-wins tournament will take places within your child’s normal classes and is completely voluntary.  With the semi-finals and finals taking place at this year’s Expo.  All student’s must have their own sparring gloves & boots, , this is for your child’s safety. Only students who have graded may take part in this tournament.  Follow the link for a special offer on getting safety equipment.

Entry costs €10 per student and must be registered before 9pm on Friday 1st March 2019.

St Patrick’s Day Parade

Once again this year the Academy will be walking in this year’s Clondalkin Parade.  Students, families, and their friends are all invited to join us on the day.  Assemble point is 1.30pm in the car park of Clondalkin Sports and Leisure, Old Nangor Rd on (obviously) 17th March 2018.  If the weather is poor, please wear normal clothes under your karate uniform.

Elite Karate Academy Expo

Our 8th Elite Karate Academy Expo will take place on Sunday 14th of April between 2pm-6pm, in the Clayton Hotel. Liffey Valley.  Doors open at 1.30pm.available.  All students will be taking part, those not grading will be involved in demonstrations.  All students must wear their karate uniform.  The aim of the Expo, as always, is to allowing students demonstrate their skills and abilities to their family and friends, whilst educating parents about the aims and ethos of Elite Karate Academy, in a relaxed fun environment.  This event is open to anyone, so extended family and friends are welcome, this year’s Expo will include;

·         Grading

·         Club Sparring Competition (semi-finals and finals only, entries close Friday 1st March 2019)

·         Demonstrations (Instructor & Students)

·         Award Ceremony (Grading, Competition, and Special Awards, including Student of the Year)

·         Unveiling of Elite Karate Academy’s newest Senior Black Belt

·         Bake & Cake Sale. Why not bake something to bring on the day?

·         Raffle (asking parents to donate a price if they can)


Those eligible to grade must pay their grading fee before 31st of March to insure they receive their certificate at the Expo.  Students may only grade at the expo.   Students may only grade if they are eligible and hold a current up to date grading licence, which must be presented with the usual fee of €10 before 31st of March.


Tickets will be on sale in March.

Bake sale and raffle

Once again, we will have a bake sale in aid of Barretstown and a raffle.  Parents/students are encouraged to bake or bring something for the day.  We need your help in getting prizes for our raffle!!!  Give a prize or a voucher from your work.  Please donate your price before 12th of April, if possible.

Character Education Program

Once again, we start our Word of the Week program in class.  Our specially designed word of the week program teaches 14 core values to your child in a 5 minute ‘mat chat’ within their normal class. Your child will grow as people not just stronger and fitter.  No other club offers this type of program.

Our 14 words are: Courtesy, Growth, Honesty, Obedience, Courage, Sincerity, Humility, Perseverance, Honour, Loyalty, Self-Control, Knowledge, Respect, Integrity.

Each week these lessons will be posted on our Facebook page or the full course can be viewed here in our blog section of our website.  I strongly urge parents to get involved with their child’s learning by reading these posts or discussing after each class what they learnt.


Check out our blogs on our website.  Click here to read about them

Dojo Kun Programme – Most club’s dojo rules consist of no shouting, no chewing gum etc. Our Dojo Kun program teaches your child 25 rules of life. These rules teach your child how to follow and make their dreams come true, through hard work, passion, and dedication.

Elite Mental Training – This program teaches students the mental strategy of fighting, topics introduced can be used in all areas of life, reducing stress, and increasing mental wellbeing. Read some lessons covered in our blog section below.

Anti-Bullying Programme – We teach your child how to deal with bullying in a non-aggressive way without having to resort to violence. A great program for boosting confidence and self-belief.  This starts in September.

Newer material will be shared weekly on our Facebook page, much will be of interest even to those who don’t train.

Coming later in the Year

Other events coming up this year after the Expo, will be our Karate Summer Camps

Testimonials Request

That so many of you praise our Academy is huge source of pride to me.  Please write a review/testimonial here.  They will then be added to our website.  Student / parents or both may write a review and you may write a new one if you wrote one before.

Zen Tip

Our own worst enemy cannot harm us as much as our unwise thoughts.  No one can help us as much as our own compassionate thoughts.

Fitness Tip

Myth Buster – Cardio is the best method for fat loss.

Not only does strength training or our Cardio Combat add more definition to your entire body (hello, abs!), but it has a ton of other health benefits too. My favorite: It increases your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which means you’ll burn more calories throughout the day—even when you’re not working out. The result is more lean muscle mass and less body fat, and that’s something you can’t get that with just cardio.

And because I like lists, here’s one full of other health benefits you get from strength training:

·         Increased bone density

·         Better balance, coordination, agility, power, and mobility

·         An ability to do everyday activities without worrying about getting hurt

·         Fewer symptoms associated with arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity, and back pain

·         Improved sleep patterns, mood, and stress levels

As you can see, strength training does more than make you look—and feel—confident . And the benefits only multiply as we get older. As we age, our bodies are at an increased risk of sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) and osteoporosis (decrease in bone density). A regular training plan can help to combat those losses. Luckily, women are starting to make their way into the weight room—so now it’s your turn.

Start Your Childs Journey Today.

Join before 31st January 2019 pay for 1 month get a 2nd month FREE. (New members only T&C’s apply)

Build Your Childs Confidence, Self Esteem, Social Skills and Discipline.

We specialise in teaching children. With over 30+ years teaching experience we mentor and inspire every child, helping them grow in self confidence & wisdom.

Children’s classes include 3-5 minute mat chats in every class, with a range of topics covered in our unique and specially designed programs, no other club teaches and gets the results we get.

Watch your child grow in confidence and as a person. Visit www.elitekarateacademy.com for more information or message us below.

Do You Want To Feel Safer, Have More Confidence, Higher Self-Esteem, Better Discipline, Increased Fitness And A Happier More Positive Outlook On Life? Our Teenage/Adult Karate Classes Are For You? Join Before 31st January 2019 Pay For 1 Month Get A 2nd Month Free…

Regardless of age or fitness levels, a student will benefit physically from training. Improvements in flexibility, strength, stamina and aerobic fitness are just some of the benefits to be gained. With correct training under proper instruction students can improve concentration, self confidence, self esteem, discipline, leading to increased positivity, mind control, stress relief, leading to peace of mind and a healthier attitude to life.

Elite Karate Academy teaches traditional Wado Ryu Karate-Do (The Way of Harmony). We know correct training leads to character development and self improvement and is more than simply fighting. Learning the correct mental attitude and fighting spirit of the Samurai improves concentration levels, mind control and stress relief leading to a more positive attitude towards life.

Our Adult classes focus on personal development while building strong self defence skills.

Adult/Teen beginner classes are 8-9.15pm Monday and Wednesday.Contact me by phone or text on 086 822 4902 or email info@elitekarateacademy.com to arrange a FREE TRIAL.

The Group Monkey Dance (GMD)

The GMD is another dominance game very different from the individual monkey dance.  In this ritual, members of the group compete for status and to show their loyalty to the group by showing how vicious they can be to someone perceived as an “outsider”.  It is purely a contest to prove who is more a part of the group by who can do the most violence to the outsider.

Group psychology and the power of mobs plays a huge part in this, making normal decent people behave in a way they would never have imagined, as they get caught up in the “feeding frenzy”.  The victim is completely inconsequential.  Once it starts, the victim is literal a non-person.  Any pleading, fighting, passivity will be interpreted by the group as proof of “otherness” and further justification to escalate.  Sometimes even the death of the outsider doesn’t stop the dance.

The receiving end of the GMD is an ugly situation.  There is a lower level GMD, where an “outsider” is seen to be intruding into an “in-house” dispute.  This can sometimes explain a victim of domestic abuse turning on police officer called to the scene, or an audience turning on a stranger trying to break up a fight.  This level is rarely as vicious as the GMD, the group wants the outside out.

For more information on this I highly recommend the book

Meditation on Violence by Rory Miller

The Monkey Dance

The Monkey Dance is a ritual combat to establish social dominance or defend territory.  It is nearly always non-lethal.  The Monkey Dance is basically a precursor to a fight.  It’s the set up.  From a self-defence view point, you should never engage in “Monkey Dance”.  Avoiding the Monkey Dance is the only sure-fire way to avoid a fight.   Some variations of the Monkey Dance allow you to avoid a fight, some variations mean no matter what answer you give a fight can happen.  An example of the first kind, could be a potential mugger/attacker, asking you do you know the time?  A simple confident no and a refusal to be stopped, could avoid trouble.  This response also works with someone asking for a light.  The act of looking at your watch or reaching for a cigarette lighter, can be enough of a distraction for an attacker to launch a surprise blitz attack.

Other forms of the Monkey Dance mean no matter what response you give, a fight is unavoidable.  Failing to engage is the only way to avoid trouble, act like you never heard the question.  An example of this could be, are you looking at my girlfriend?  Answer yes and your attacker can act offended and defensive that you were staring at his girlfriend and start a fight.  Answer no and he can claim you are calling his girlfriend ugly and start a fight.  Remember in the Monkey Dance your attacker holds all the cards, no matter what your response if he wants a fight, he will start one.

Another example this time in a bar, would be someone claiming you spilt their drink.  Deny you spilt the drink and you attacker will claim you are calling him a liar.  Say you did spill his drink and that is an excuse to start a fight.  Even in this situation being diplomatic and offering to buy a new drink can enrage someone looking to start a fight.

The Monkey Dance or Interview come in many ways, but they are all designed to force you into a confrontation or to distract you from another threat.  As a friend of mine experienced abroad, a young child kicked a football at him as he walked down the street, in the confusion that followed another child stole his wallet and ran away.  That person pressing against you in the queue, to get on the bus or train may in fact be robbing you, leaving you stranded as the doors close, watching your mugger casually walk away.

The Monkey dance is a ritual with specific steps.

  • Eye contact, hard stare
  • Verbal challenge, (What you looking at?)
  • Close the distance
  • Finger poke or two-handed push to the chest
  • Dominant hand punch

Because it is all about dominance you can usually circumvent the dance with submissive body language, such as lowering your eyes and apologizing.  This has a personal cost.  For most men, backing down from a status conflict is very difficult and does psychological damage.  If you do it out of fear you will feel terrible however if you do it consciously as a ploy, it is far less damaging but de-escalates the situation.

While the Monkey Dance used to be reserved strictly for males, it is beginning to crop up with females also.  Because it is a status thing, men wont usually do the dance with children (no status to be gained) or crazy people (they don’t follow the rules).  If a man monkey dances with a female and she verbally stands up to him, diminishing his status (in his warped eyes) he may seek to punish her.  Punishment is worse than damage.  The Monkey Dance is designed to be non-lethal fatalities when they do occur are nearly always due to falling and hitting the head. Unfortunately, this could be with someone she knows, a partner, family member instead of a stranger.  Conversely if a woman attacks a man, I will not be to show who is boss, she will be seeking to do damage.

Other non-physical tactics include treating the verbal challenges as serious thoughtful questions, acting bored, or crazy.  If its appropriate circumvent the monkey dance by jumping steps.  Pre-emptive strikes if you know the fight is going to kick off is a very good self-defence tactic, just be sure you can articulate Intent, Means and Opportunity of your attacker in the inevitable law suit.  Witnesses will all agree you threw the first punch. Jumping steps and applying a lock works, while waiting a trying to lock a strike is impossible.

Big guys are not immune from the Monkey Dance either.  Because it is designed to be non-lethal going against a bigger guy is a win-win situation for the small guy.  Win the fight and he gains status, lose the fight and he gains status for having the courage to take on a bigger guy.

Avoid the monkey dance, de-escalate if you can’t avoid it.  Avoid places where young men group together, avoid places where mind altering drugs are taken.  But anyone with minimum of training should not lose this fight.


Dear Parents

Just a quick note about classes times and gradings over the Halloween break.

Class times

Due to bank holiday (29th), Halloween (31st), and holiday (2nd) there will be no classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday the week of Halloween.  Classes will be as normal Tuesday & Thursday this week.  Students whose classes are affected, who wish to make up their classes can train in the following classes.  Those who can’t will be credited the classes that don’t go ahead.

Monday & Wednesday 5-6pm Beginner – Orange class, can train Tuesday & Thursday 4-5pm

Monday & Wednesday 8-9.15pm Beginner – Intermediate Adults, class can train Tuesday & Thursday 8-9.30pm.  This class will also have the option of training 7-9.30pm both Tuesday & Thursday

Wednesday & Friday 6-7pm Green Belt+ class, can train Tuesday & Thursday 6-7pm

Wednesday & Friday 7-8pm Beginner – Orange class, can train Tuesday & Thursday 4-5pm


There will be a grading for Yellow tips – Yellow- orange belts the 1st week of November.  Below is a list of those eligible to grade.  If you child has been omitted, please talk to Sensei at next class.  Gradings will take place in student’s 1st class on Monday 5th, Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th of November.  Results and certificates will be awarded in the student’s 2nd class of the week either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Calibe Devereux for Yellow Tip

Ferdia O’Reilly for yellow tip

Alannah Barry for yellow tip

Eric De Luca for yellow tip

Kade Sweeney for yellow tip

James Barry for Yellow Belt

Chloe Lynch for yellow belt

Gabriel Bernardez for yellow belt

Alex O’Neill for yellow belt

Shane Hyland for yellow belt

Niamh Richards for Yellow Belt

Eugenia Mikhaelis for Yellow Belt

Roisin Murphy for yellow belt

Colm Roche for Yellow Belt

Joan Dempesy for yellow belt

Dean Keegan for yellow belt

Bobby & Zoe Sneyd for yellow belt

Sean Byrne for yellow belt

Kai Keegan for yellow belt

Louise Foley for yellow belt

Derek Mulligan for yellow belt

Yanina Gallo orange belt

Callum Mooney for orange belt

Mark Mikhaelis for orange belt

Gradings are optional and cost €20 for under 18s and €30 for over 18.  Grading passport must be up to date, renewal cost €10.  Check the back page of the passport for the renewal date.  If you need to get a grading passport it costs €10 per year and must be accompanied by 2 passport photos.  All grading fees and passport fees must be paid by Friday 26th of October.

Those not eligible to grade or going for grades higher then green belt will be grading at Xmas or at the Expo depending how soon they reach the required standard.

For Orange Belt at Xmas

Conor Rooney, Aoife Richards, Cillian Richards, Rian O’Dowd, Chloe O’Dowd, Eva Kelly, Niamh Kelly, Marco Li, Markus Koskus, Jack O’Brien

For Green Belt at Xmas

Calum Mc Farlane, Zoe Martin, Darya & Darragh Grikss, Millie Cummins

For Blue Belt at Xmas

Grace Timpson, Alex Reilly

For Purple Belt at Xmas

Lara Keogh, Sean O Hare, Carly Power

For Brown Belt at Xmas

Lucy Fairweather, Daniils Rudzinskos, Matthew Kavanagh, Clodagh Grenham

I will be giving a hard copy of this out next week and if you he any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


10 reasons why every child should do Karate-Do?

With the range of martial arts classes available in Dublin, there are kid’s classes for every personality type and interest.  Karate is one of the most popular and well known martial arts and offers more benefits to children then simply teaching them how to kick and punch.   More and more parents are realising that kid’s karate classes offer the chance for additional education outside of school hours, as well as a great form of fitness training to tire their children out.  And what parent doesn’t love a tired and better behaved child…

Elite Karate Academy offer children’s karate classes in Clondalkin, south west Dublin that offer a range of benefits to both parents and children…

  1. Character development- Most people recognise that martial arts improve the character. The determination, persistence, and commitment needed to achieve a black belt highlights a student’s true character.  That’s why average students don’t achieve a black belt.  Elite Karate Academy believe that your student can gain from karate training no matter how long they train.  Our Word of the Week Program teaches 14 words such as Courtesy, Respect, Courage, Humility, Leadership that insured our students grow as people not just martial art


  1. Self-Belief- Becoming fitter, stronger and having the ability to defend yourself is a sure fire way to build self-belief and self-confidence. Our Dojo Kun (Dojo Rules) Program incorporates 25 rules to how to live your life and the passion and commitment needed to make your child succeed in life and work hard to make their dreams come through.


  1. Self-Esteem- With the setting of short term goals like gradings or learning a new technique or kata your child’s self-esteem rapidily improves.


  1. Confidence- Becoming a part of something bigger, joining a club, making new friends with similar goals, admiring the higher grades and rising through the ranks, being tested and meeting new challenges all help improve your child’s confidence.


  1. Friendship- Classes are social and interactive and helps build friendships and social skills, helping your child learn team work, sharing and positive social interaction.


  1. Way of Life- Karate can be more than a simple hobby offering a way of life that can be studied for a lifetime. It teaches character values and a code of behaviour which learnt as a child can stay forever.


  1. Fitness- With children playing more computer games and becoming less active, and the growth of childhood obesity, karate is a perfect solution. Fast paced children’s karate classes improve cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility.


  1. Conflict resolution- Karate for self-defence only. Our Anti Bullying Program teaches your child to handle stressful situations and bullying without aggression.  How to diffuse situations and walk away from trouble.


  1. Health & Nutrition- Our Program teaches students the importance of exercise and healthy eating whilst recognising the importance of a healthy body image.


  1. Fun- Kid’s Karate classes are great fun where your children can truly enjoy themselves and be dying to come back for their next class.


So if you want your child to grow bigger and stronger, develop into a mature responsible adult with a passion to succeed in every aspect of their life, phone Sensei Gareth at Elite Karate Academy on 086 822 4902.  We have beginner’s classes running throughout the week in our full time dojo, visit our website at www.elitekarateacademy.com to find a time that suits you.  We our passionate about our students and aim to be leading lights in their lives and the community around us.

Essence of Self Defense is a thin list of things that might get you out alive when you are already screwed.  SGT Rory Miller.

Self Defense is a big topic covering areas such as domestic violence to hostage taking.  It is impossible to train for every scenario.  But correct physical and mental training through Karate can help you be ready mentally.

All Self Defense should be based on avoidence.  Good awearness, posture, confidence and common sense should keep you out of trouble.  Never delegate your safety to someone else.  And never ignore what your eyes see.  You are an expert on human behaviour, trust your gut.

Rule for life, you don’t get to pick what kinds of bad things will happen to you.  Self defense is never a choice.  But if it comes you will be surprised.  Always surprised.  If your not surprised then you had some warning and could/should have taken measures to escape or avoid the situation (see the monkey dance).  Real self defense is about recovering from the shock and surprise, whether that is a punch to the back of the head or a hand wrapping around your mouth.

The most common lead up to an attack on a woman is to show a weapon and order her to obey.

If you put yourself in harms way and are the victim of a surprise assault.  You are a rabbit to the wolf.  The attacker is in predator mindset.  They have planned, trained and rehearsed for this encounter.  They know what they are doing with cold logic.  They have a goal. rob or rape for example.  The attacker is ready for the fight and you are inconsequential.  The shock of an attack can cause you to freeze, wondering whats happening and why.  Reasons or excuses are irrelevant when you are fighting for your life.

The predator is looking for weak, dostracted & passive victims.  Practicing good awareness on the street is vital.  Be alert to your surroundings and those around you.  Look for places where attackers could hide.   Display confidence in your body language.  Avoidence is far better then fighting and know that if you do fight, you will fight far less effectively then how you trained.

Fine motor skills degrade or go completely, gross motor skills can degrade also.  Under the extreme stress, that can’t be reproduced in the dojo, a host of chemicals will be released into your system that will effect you mentally and physically.  Skilled techniques degrade under stress, peripheral vision is lost and tunnel vision occurs, depth perception is lost or alltered, auditory exclusion occur, blood pools in internal organs and is drawn away from yor limbs, meaning your legs and arms feel weak, cold or clammy.  Complex motor skills will be hampered.  Perception and memory can be wildly distorted and time may seem to slow.  You can even find irrelevent thoughts will intrude..

All this means that you wont feel most pain and neither does your threat.  Add to that cocktail a mix of adrenalin, alcohol and drugs and it means complience locks and nerve points may not work.  In full survival mode fighting for your life it is not the same state of mind as you where when a wristlock in training hurt.