Shivani Loknath – May 2023

“ Samvit has been training with Elite academy for more than a year and he absolutely loves it. He constantly looks forward to the days he has classes and always eager to learn.
I see a huge difference since he joined the club. Training has boosted his confidence and disciplined.  Sammy gives utmost importance to the 12 personality development words that they train on and practices them everyday scenarios. Thank you Sensei Gareth for shaping his personality.” 

Tara Hynes – January 2023

 “My son looks forward to going to every single training session here. He is 7 and is autistic and he has fit in straight away. His fitness and concentration have improved, and I can only see it getting better. We will be attending for a long time to come.”

Laura Roachford – January 2023

“Children growing up in today’s world can be very daunting for both children and parents. To find a place where all are welcomed, respected and taught a life skill while building confidence in a child is so precious. A very big thank you to Sensei Gareth and Elite Karate Academy for given my son the belief in himself to continue to train and learn with you. I especially love listening to the kids responses when doing words of the week. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Colette McEvoy – January 2023

“Would highly recommend the club! If someone had of told me a few years ago that my son would be willing to walk into a karate dojo full of new people and noises and rules I would have laughed at them.For a time we couldn’t get Luke to even look at a person he didn’t know. We trialed Elite Karate Academy thinking it would just be a day out for him but we can’t believe how wrong we were. He has been brought to life at this club and now oozes confidence and self control we could have only dreamed of.Seeing him on the floor with his classmates at the expo was amazing and we are so grateful to the club and to Sensei Gareth

Jo Corbett – January 2023

“My daughter has been attending Elite Karate Academy for years now and she loves it! Now a brown belt she is hoping to be one of the youngest black belts in the academy in a few years. Sensei makes training fun and engaging and I’ve found my daughters confidence has grown. There’s no pressure on the kids to grade if they don’t feel ready and sensei listens to the students.
Keep up the great work sensei! From Zoë and Joanna

Dhiaa Abm – January 2023

“More than a year and a hald ago, my son, Aram, joined the Academy, and we noticed the positive and wonderful effect on his personality.  Aram is very happy and excitied to be part of the Academy.

The Academy is not only for teaching martial, but also rather for knowlwdge, respect and ethics.  We would like to thank his coach for his efforts.  Best of luck for everyone.”

Orla Bolger – January 2023

“My son has been going here a few months now and has looked forward to going to every class! It has been great for his confidence and the class have all been very welcoming. Sensai Gareth is great with the kids – I’d highly recommend this academy!”

Adam Marshall – January 2023

“My Daughter has been training here for over 4 years she loves the academy, it’s an excellent way to look after your health and wellbeing.

I would highly recommend the academy to anyone looking to get fit or learn new skills, kids can use these valuable skills in everyday life which will prepare them for the every changing world.

Well done Sensei keep up the great work.”

Michelle McIntyre – January 2023

“My 5 year old joined Elite Karate about 6 months ago. He absolutely loves it and is learning so much. Sensei Gareth has a great way with the kids. Very patient and playful but also very in charge.”

Kinga Byczkowska – January 2023

“My daughter is attending to karate classes for a while already and have to say she is loving it.  Sensei is a great teacher, and has a very good approach to the kids.”

Georgina Simion – January 2023

“My daughters are going to Elite Karate Academy for over 2 years and I highly recommend it!
Sensei is the best with kids and they absolutely respect him . He keep the class fun and high energy to match many personalities .”

Christine Moles – January 2023

“My son has been in Elite Karate Academy for over a year now and he absolutely loves it. I have definitely seen an improvement in his confidence, manner and the way he behaves since taking on karate. Sensei Gareth is amazing with the children and is always encouraging them to reach their highest potential. I would highly recommend Elite to anyone looking to take on karate”

Caroline Hickey – January 2023

“My son has attended Elite Karate Academy for over a year now and loves it! The classes are fantastic and Sensei Gareth is amazing at what he does with the kids and adults. Cannot recommend the Academy enough! Keep up the good work!!.”

Mary Timpson – February 2022

“I attended a four seminar on Personal Security & Awareness. Sensei Gareth was was highly informative & the course was very enjoyable. I would recommed this seminar for all young adults & women of all ages.”

Susan Williams – November 2021

“I did the 4 hour female personal security course. I could not recommend this course any higher, it was highly informative and enjoyable. I walked away with information and skills for life. I would recommend this for girls of all ages. Sensei Gareth inspires confidence in everyone in the room. I look forward to future courses.”

Maria Brennan – August 2021

“My daughter recently began her journey with martial arts with Elite Karate Academy. From our initial conversation with Sensei Gareth to her starting class we felt so welcomed to the club and in turn she felt very included within the class and really enjoys participating.

The club and classes are run in an extremely professional manner, led by a highly experienced and very enthusiastic teacher.  Students are thought valuable life skills in a comfortable setting.

Highly recommended to any parent who is thinking of starting their child in martial arts classes “

Kholod Bo Moghdeb – August 2021

“We thank you very much for the great effort you made for the children, and we noticed the Impact on Aram, how he changed from his willingness to attend to the determination and love of training and following the training.  Thanks

Mark O’Toole – August 2021

“Myself and my son joined Elite Karate Academy not so long ago and found the classes very informative. The Sensei explains everything in a calm and professional manner which makes the class environment more enjoyable and relaxing. The academy always keeps their students informed with latest news within the club via emails. Their online App is very good as my son views the App on a regular basis. My son is really enjoying the classes. I would recommend this Academy for any one who is interested in martial Arts or anybody who would like to up skill themselves in strengthening their confidence.”

Gerard Williams – August 2021

“Excellent academy. Fantastic classes and ethos. Can’t recommend it enough”

Eddie Mulholland – April 2021

“I walked into my first Karate class in September 1992 as a 13 year old and Mr Fitzgerald was teaching the class. It was full there must have been 80 or 90 kids there but he spotted me immediately and made me feel at home. He was still at secondary school himself and only a brown belt at the time. He roared “line up” and every kid did. Amazing. We drilled basics, then some simple free fighting combos I was hooked. Mr Fitzgerald is a wonderful teacher but he has a special talent in my opinion that few have for teaching children. It hasn’t left him in all the years he’s been teaching karate. Its to be admired.”

Susan Wiliams – April 2021

“When my son Charlie first started karate classes last year he was shy and really nervous. After the first few classes he was running to class and his confidence has soared. Sensei Gareth has a brilliant way with kids and I couldn’t recommend his classes more. My son can’t wait for covid restrictions to lift and get back to class.”

Karen McCluskey – September 2020

“My son has been going for a while but I introduced a neighbors kid last week!! Well to understate what happened Sensei was amazing!! My neighbors kid was full of anxiety and so reluctant about going but eventually convinced him to come and even watch!! Waited on the other kids to go in and approached Sensei and told him that I had a kid full of anxiety in the car!! Well what I thought would take us weeks to do Sensei done in minutes!! Back on the mats and having a ball and now wants to be booked in for a year lol!! Sensei came out to the car and met him on his level and well … done what no one else could do today!! Thanks Sensei another kid very happy to come to class and have fun.”

Susan Williams – February 2020

“My sons confidence has grown so much since joining. He is absolutely loving it. Very positive atmosphere.”

Fabia Bia – January 2020

“Sensei Gareth is great with children, and in addition to karate, he also teaches core values ​​about life. Would recommend!”

James Wilson – January 2020

“My 2 sons have attended the club for many years now and Sensei Gareth is still encouraging them to be their best. Sensei has even opened his doors to me despite my health challenges, and I find myself training there every chance I can get. it is a wonderful thing to be able to be on the mats with your kids, learning from a great instructor. I highly recommend Sensei and his club.”

Pavel Grikss – November 2019

“If You really want Your child learn how to focus on self-improvement and boost self-esteem and motivation Elite Karate Academy is a right place to go.Training sessions are emphasize on self-control and concentration, help with coordination and of course lots of fun sometimes.
It is not just physical activities but also learning core values, such as respect, kindness, honesty, self-discipline and self-confidence.Kudos to Sensei Garreth as after few years I can see how my kids transformed physically and mentally. Highly recommended.”

Stephanie Theres Gratzenberger – October 2019

“my son has only started (6 weeks) and already can’t stop talking about karate and being a “ninja” – absolutely loves it!
Sensei is amazing with the kids – motivation, inspiration, discipline, love and care and so much fun!
thank you for a fab sporting experience 👍”

Jennifer Byrne – October 2019

“My son has been going to this academy for about 8 months now and his confidence has soared.
Sensei Gareth is great with him, building him up and he knows exactly when he needs that extra encouragement.
I enjoyed watching his class so much that I joined myself 5 months ago and I am really enjoying the exercise, discipline and time out for myself.”
I would highly recommend this academy.

John Lee – October 2019

“My son Darragh has been going to this academy for a few months now and absolutely loves it. Sensei Gareth is an incredable teacher and his patience and connection to each one of his students is really amazing! the atmosphere in class is always so positive and even times when students are struggling Sensei always has great encouragement and gets them through. his assistant Eric also is great in the kids classes, both of these guys have a good sense of humour when needed but also are good at teaching the kids about the balance between discipline and fun. always makes for interesting classes.”

Eric Greene – October 2019

“I am back training in martial arts Karate for the last 10 months with Elite Karate , after 20 years away. I had done a few styles previously , but I have to say, I really appreciate the traditional Japanese teaching methods by our Sensei Gareth. It’s not only, a great form of exercise and self discipline….. But that hour or two a week is a brilliant personal space, to destress, get away from work, mobile phone calls ,and tasks to be done. Its just a bit of “me-time”….. 😊 The stuedents and Sensei Gareth have made me feel really welcome and I hope to bring my little lad in soon to start his martial arts journey. 5 stars ✨”

Jay Ryan – October 2019

“Top class…. Great vibe… training.. Wonderful with kids and getting plenty of exercise.. Highly recommended”

Deborah Cummins – January 2019

“Briiliant Karate Academy. Sensei Gareth is very dedicated to the children. my daughter Millie absolutely loves the Academy. to quote Millie sensei Gareth is lots of fun.”

Ge Wang – January 2019

“We just want to say thank you for your hard work and Marco enjoys every minutes of your class. We can see his huge improvements after a year class with you. The Karate class really helps him with self-confidence and concentration. Thanks for being supportive and helpful as always.”

Leanne Lynch – October 2018

“5 Stars ..  can not recommend this academy enough, Sensei Gareth is fantastic with the children my neice nephew and my son, who has 100 nd 1 problems, Gareth is brilliant with them all.. cant believe my son is going yellow belt soon 😁 highly recommend this club.. Builds confidence especially for the younger ones 🤗”

Martina Kelly – February 2018

“Absolutely great class for kids with Sensai Gareth,� and brilliant cardio combat for adults ��.”

Analeigh Murray – February 2018

“I love Elite Karate Academy because our Sensei is really nice and it is fun.  We get to learn lots of new stuff too.  Analeigh Murray aged 8.”

Lara Kehoe – November 2017

“I Love Elite Karate Academy because I think it has boosted my confidence enormously.  Also Sensei is very nice.  Lara Kehoe Aged 10.”

Tara O’Dowd – October 2017

“Back in April 2016 I completed my first ever Cardio Bootcamp class with Gareth and I’ve never looked back. I’ve lost 2 stone in weight and dropped 2 dress sizes! I’m not going to lie, it’s a tough class, but Gareth is amazing. He encourages you to work at your own pace and will alter exercises to make sure you’re getting the very best you can from the class. 18 months on, I’m still attending every week and I love it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get fit, lose weight & have fun in the process, joining here was the best decision I ever made… Tara O’Dowd.”

Damaris Ayes – September 2017

“My 5 year old always looks forward to karate, it is the one time I only have to ask him to put his shoes on once!! Sensei Gareth has the perfect mix of learning and fun. The classes are well planned and organised and I feel the children are learning something every class.. Damaris.”

Melanie Redmond – May 2017

“Lauren aged 6 joined Elite Karate Academy in May this year and absolutely loves the classes. The ethos here is great, the children have the utmost respect for Gareth who has a wonderful way with them. We have seen a huge improvement in Lauren’s confidence since she joined. The children are learning more than a sport here and it’s all done through fun. No hesitation in recommending Elite Karate Academy, fantastic rates as well. Melanie.”

Lucie Power – April 2017

“My two boys ages 5 and 6 started with Elite Karate Academy in February and have absolutely loved every second and keep telling me they wish they could have karate class every day. I had struggled to find an after school activity for them as they aren’t interested in ball sports. My oldest is a very shy kid so wanted something to help his confidence, and Sensei is very approachable and great with giving them all encouragement. He makes the point that Karate is not about aggression but teaching them good mental attitudes of control, perseverence and honesty (and more). The boys have just blossomed in the class and they have so much fun with the different games they don’t even realise they are training. It is made even better by the fact the classes are in the afternoon when they still have energy to burn. At the expo the boys got to see what all the other levels of students can do and they found out they passed their grade to move onto the next belt. My oldest boy told me on the way home that “This is the best day ever, my dreams came true”.”

Melanie Reilly – September 2016

“Lauren aged 6 joined Elite Karate Academy in May this year and absolutely loves the classes. The ethos here is great, the children have the utmost respect for Gareth who has a wonderful way with them. We have seen a huge improvement in Lauren’s confidence since she joined. The children are learning more than a sport here and it’s all done through fun. No hesitation in recommending Elite Karate Academy, fantastic rates as well.”

Aaron Ennis – September 2016

“Really great Academy. Knows how to engage the kids into learning through fun. Only have my kids there a week and already the oldest has given up Gymnastics so she can focus on Karate here.”

Carol Byrne – February 2016

“My son attends karate classes at Elite with Sensei Gareth and I have to say he absolutely loves it as do I, Gareth’s classes are fun constructive energetic and also relaxing -highly recommend Elite Karate Academy for everybody its most certainly a family friendly business.”

Lynn Power – Murphy November 2015

“My 2 daughters joined in September and they love it. They are so excited every week when it’s time for their class. They have just done their first grade so fingers crossed the achieve their yellow tip. I would highly recommend the club especially if your child is shy & quiet as my 2 girls were and I have seen a great change in them ever since they started with Sensei Gareth.”

Helen Kavanagh – September 2015

“Cannot praise this club enough. Sensei Gareth is a natural with the kids and my son absolutely loves both Gareth and the club. What I like about this club, is that it’s not only about the karate skills, but also about individual development and includes “mat talks” where they discuss a topic every week from respect to bullying. Looking forward to starting my younger son in the new year.”

Damien Grenham – September 2015

“My daughter just joined this Dojo less than a month ago, and already there is a huge positive change in her, she enjoys the training and the new friends she is making. Gambatte Elite Karate Academy.”

Ashling – May 2014

“Elite Karate Academy has built my confidence and has given me a whole new outlook on life, joining the club is one of the best decisions I’ve made”

Eve (Age 12) – May 2014

“I love Elite Karate Academy because; it is so much fun, I love training and I have a great time and Sensei teaching me.”

Alana (Age 7) – May 2014

“I like karate because you learn moves and respect for one another. I also got to meet new friends.”

Alana (Age 10) – May 2014

“I love karate because it’s really fun and we get to learn different techniques!”

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